Slow Fashion: your trend in fashion!

"Buy less, choose well, and make it last" is the maxim advocated by slow fashion that promises to be here to stay. This is the fashion trend that opposes fast fashion. A deep-rooted habit in consumer society of disposing of clothing at an accelerated pace. Since the textile industry is the second most polluting, it is important to restructure our way of consuming in the direction of quality and sustainability.

Slow fashion emerges, therefore, as a motto for change that responds to a social and environmental urgency. And we, Baguy, are true followers of this trend in fashion. We invite you to find out why. 

Slow fashion: why is it important to switch to more conscious buying behaviors in the present time?

O State of Fashion Report has elected 2019 as "the year of awakening" for slow fashion. Note that at this point, you would already recognize us as a craft and handmade brand. A brand that excels in the detail and dedication it puts into each of the pieces it creates. It is so good to feel that we are on the cutting edge, all because we have had you on our side since the beginning!

Nowadays, all over the world, this concept is gaining weight. And, certainly, you have started to see more and more brands following this trend in fashion. But why this need for change now? Because you and other women with the same conscious and responsible thinking demand it!

Before you were a Baguy Lover, you surely went through that frustrating morning experience of staring at your closet. No matter how full of clothes it was, you were overcome with the feeling that nothing was good enough to wear at that moment! This dilemma is a consequence of today's fast fashion shopping culture, which encourages buying fast, cheap, and with low quality.

Low-quality textiles lead to a short clothing life span and this keeps women in a constant throwaway-repeat consumption cycle. If you think of fashion as a junk food, tempting and tasty, you will quickly understand what we are referring to! Initially it fills you up, however after a while the hunger returns! Now think of a comfort meal. It hits the stomach so well, doesn't it! It's like a slow fashion garment, you know it fits you perfectly. Just like ours! And that's why slow fashion is starting to grow, and with it the trend of "better, more sustainable, ethical and conscious" fashion.

In fact, there are countless reasons for us to be advocates of this more sustainable social and environmental alternative in the fashion world that is slow fashion. Here are some of them:

  • Higher quality of the materials used in the pieces. You recognize it well in the fabrics of our pieces!
  • Greater focus on details and design. Something we know you value in our dresses!
  • Greater exclusivity, because of the limited number of pieces. Surely there was a garment you really wanted, but it sold out before you could get it for yourself!
  • Greater trust between producers and consumers. You know that we are always available to talk to you and clear up any doubts regarding the garment you want to buy!
  • It values the economies of proximity. Did you know that all our suppliers are Portuguese? Mostly from the textile industry in the North, which is where we are based!
  • It respects traditional textile arts and crafts, many of which have been lost to high-efficiency, high-production fashion factories. You have heard of D. Conceição, D. Mª. Conceição and D. Ana, our super seamstresses! And how exquisite they are!

Like us, there are already several other stylists, fashion designers and renowned brands rejecting the principles of fast fashion. They see in slow fashion the right ally for a more sustainable future for people's economy, in particular, and for the planet's resources, in general.

We Baguy are, proudly, a 100% Portuguese brand! And 100% aligned with the principles of this trend in fashion! We believe in the longevity and quality of the clothing we produce especially for you. The handmade character clearly evident in our production makes us environmentally friendly and promoters of the local economy. On the other hand, the option for a craft culture allows us to produce the creative and innovative pieces that you love so much! Carefully created by the experienced hands of our seamstresses, whose pride in their work is reflected in the detail of each piece of clothing.

If you are a Baguy Lover, slow fashion is part of your lifestyle!

As you may have realized, slow fashion is a sustainable movement with legs. And our example, along with your contribution, makes us a reference brand in this trend in fashion. With you on our side, we are committed to continue developing versatile and timeless pieces. As unique as you! Pieces that inspire you every day! And that you feel like wearing and abusing without ever getting tired of your look!

Revisit the unique garments from this spring-summer collection. And rediscover why you fell in love with them at first glance! Who knows, maybe you'll find something new and unexpected!

Beauty is in you. We just add an extra!


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