Special Xmas

In an atypical year like this, we were already expecting the Christmas season to be a little different than usual.
But the spirit persists! It envelops us with its colors and decorations. Alive! Sparkling! So inspiring!

And that made us believe we could bring an extra sparkle to your Christmas!
We only had to do magic with our hands. To create
We've put together the Christmas pieces that will brighten up your look, your Christmas Eve. Exquisite and charming pieces, like you.

So that this Christmas you feel special!

anna red

Anna Red Dress

Can you feel the Christmas spirit in the air yet? So do we!
And since we know how much you love this season, we decided to create a special dress
for you to wear on Christmas Eve.
Anna Red symbolizes the beauty of Christmas and highlights yours! A deep colour, in a harmonious dress in all its details. An exclusive fabric with a soft touch. The detail of golden frills and buttons. And, of course, the rigor of the handmade finishes that you value so much.

The perfect gift for you!


Grace Xmas Blouse

Christmas is coming. There's no denying it. And just like you, we love this festive season!
So much so, that our enthusiasm has already led us to create another piece for you to wear on your Christmas (or give away!).
We call it Grace Xmas! It's a relaxed blouse with precious details, limited edition!

Find her now!


Dresden Dress

We relaunch Dresden! A dress much desired by our Baguy Lovers.

Charming and of intense color, appealing to the spirit of Christmas.

And as gorgeous and full of details as you like!

A dress worthy of you!


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