There are so many things that inspire us.

We particularly like the trends of this new season. The apparent antagonism between the minimalist earth-tone silhouettes and the baroque inspiration of the balloon sleeves or the luxurious details of the buttons.
But these first season advance pieces are also an ode to our personal history in a perfect mix-match between urban style, boho trend and contemporary look.

We invite you on a journey for the little pleasures of life!


Celine Blouse

We re-edited Celine!

That satin blouse, soft touch and fluid fabric. Perfect for wearing in the mid-station coming up.

Just look at his natural fall. Ideal for enhancing your silhouette!

And the detail of the buttons? What a charm!

Let yourself be won over by his elegance. Why resist?

Make your pre-order now. This is a limited reprint!

tiger taupe

Tiger Taupe Dress

You asked for it! We did. That Baguy dress you really (really!) liked to see in taupe.
Truly, your Tiger in the most in color of this season. That missing color from your closet. In a soft fabric.
The dress that appeals to the serenity of the court. And it's surprising how well you can combine it with the Christmas shades!

The must-have dress for this Christmas that has to be yours!


Grace Xmas Blouse

This Christmas blouse comes in a limited edition!
In a deep red tone. With buttons that are as dazzling as they are charming.
And the cut? Perfect! To fit your silhouette like a glove. 

It's so Christmassy, it's impossible to resist it, don't you agree?


Anna Red Dress

Anna Red characterizes the natural charm of Christmas!
A delicate dress. In a timeless red tone. And involving details.

The gift you'll want to open ahead of time!

Anna Black

Anna Black Dress

Cosmopolitan. Loose. Cosy. Sophisticated.

Classic black. With the right dose of elegance thanks to the details. And what details! Did you notice?
Sleeve shaken, frill finish and, of course, that jewel button detail!

What more can you ask in a dress?


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