New femininity.

Let hibernated dreams free themselves.
Let sleeping feminine instincts flourish.
Let us be commanded by the sensuality of every fabric, detail, and cut. We want more! We want high doses of glamour and delicate sumptuousness.
In this, which is your and our renewal, we bring you everything. We bring you color, contrast, romance, rebellion, multiple combinations, and lots of style.

We have only one rule: everything you wear has to look extraordinary!

Geel Black


Geel brings out the purer side of your closet.
An unadorned, surprisingly sober dress. With minimalist elegance and
a reinterpretative cut of a utilitarian aesthetic.
That refers to feminine beauty in its naturalness. And it brings with it the comfort of
that is never dated, and the style that will always be immaculate.

Siya Black


It's simple from the front, and with the back as the protagonist!
The detail of side openings at the waist that extends to the back, captures attention at first glance.
Although quite revealing on the back, its minimalist design and modesty on the front create an elegant contrast, favoring the derrière.
A sophisticated dress that hugs the curves of your body. To wear on more special occasions!
Siya is the piece of the season you'll want to see from the back.



Is it pajamas?
Is it homewear? Is it supermarketwear?
Of course not! And therein lies the beauty of the matter, and of these pieces.

Have you noticed that at a time when fashion trends are boiling, the line between categorizing pieces is getting thinner and thinner?
It gets harder and harder to distinguish what is acceptable to wear and where, don't you think?
In street style there are no out of fashion looks.
There are outfits of the day! To use and abuse!
You just have to abandon the patterns and rules of wear-where. And enter a new world of freedom and feminine expression!
Feel free.



Powerful and sophisticated. Ready to take on the world.
Ayr dress. The fusion of elegance and beauty.
The ultimate in exuberance, combined with lightness.

Seville Nude


An endless love story. This is Seville.
Because you asked for it!
We have reinvented in a very limited edition the incomparable Seville in the color Nude.
A dose, simple but romantic, of nude pink.
The delicate opulence. The light, loose cut that you love.
The deep peek-a-boo neckline in the back, joined with string of pearls.
So exclusive.
So seductive.
This is your moment to triumph!


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