In Essentials by Baguy you find those ready-to-wear pieces.

Blouses, shirts and other garments that make you feel special when you combine them with other clothes in your closet.

These are contemporary pieces, with structured silhouettes and soft and fluid fabrics, that you can use in any season! They are garments that reflect your fashion choices: quality, timelessness and above all pieces that you can keep for a long time!

If you're a Baguy Lover, you know what we're talking about! These are pieces you think are right to use and abuse no matter the season!

Find them without further ado.


Celine Blouse

Satin. Sophisticated. Fluid.
All this and much more in a blouse full of refinement.

Perfect to go with your more casual pieces. Especially on occasions that ask for more relaxed looks, but always with a touch of elegance.

You don't have yours yet?

Pearl Shirt

White will always be white, but in this blouse it gains new momentum.
Ideal to wear in mid-season!

It's all about details: the puffed sleeves, the mother-of-pearl jewelled buttons or the baroque
baroque-inspired collar.

It has to be yours!


Artic Blouse

Another essential Baguy! Artic is the blouse that will transform your everyday life.

The details speak for themselves!


Glacier Blouse

Inspiring. Versatile. Celestial.

A blouse designed for women looking in white for freedom of style!

Match it to your liking.


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