In Essentials by Baguy you find those ready-to-wear pieces.

Blouses, shirts and other garments that make you feel special when you combine them with other clothes in your closet.

These are contemporary pieces, with structured silhouettes and soft and fluid fabrics, that you can use in any season! They are garments that reflect your fashion choices: quality, timelessness and above all pieces that you can keep for a long time!

If you're a Baguy Lover you know what we're talking about!
These are pieces that seem right for you to wear and abuse no matter the season!


Find them without further ado.




Chess has the ideal style to highlight your silhouette and elegance.
The B&W vichy pattern, the big trend of the season, goes beautifully with the Riga Black blouse.


Are you ready to rock?!


Passion Black


A blouse in which black takes center stage.
The silver buttons reflect glamour.
And the removable tulle detail illustrates mystery.
With Renaissance influence, Passion mirrors emotion and sensuality.


This is your new novel.
Embrace it with passion!

Blenny Purple


Of inspiration in the looks of the 50s. The decade of expression. Of identity. Of draped patterns, colorful textures, and soft fabrics like silk.
We added the ruffles and the modern cut.
A blouse thinking of you!
With the style, personality and uniqueness, that we have gotten you used to.
To always bring out your best!


Ready to try this unbeaten look?





There are dresses and there is Zahir.
You are at the heart of this play!
A dissertation on the strength within you.
Free. Unforgettable.

Woman. Warrior. Feminine.


The statement piece of this collection that will deserve your full attention!




A blouse in which the zebra pattern takes center stage.
The red buttons reflect passion.
And the golden detail, on the collar edge, illustrates glamour.
With Renaissance influence, Zahir mirrors strength and sensuality.


This is your new novel!
Grab it passionately.



Is the pink tone a female obsession?
Ignored by many brands. Target of gossip by others, such as "it's too childish", "no personality" or "it's too barbie".
However, we disagree! And, certainly, you will agree with us!
Pink in its various shades is a very in, sexy, and feminine color.
And in fuchsia with zebra pattern makes this blouse powerful!

If it is possible for a new black to exist, pink would be on our list.


And yours, is it already?

Jackie Green


There is an air of seduction this fall that runs through most of the collections.
And the most coveted pieces all have something in common: you want them short and frilly.
The perfect skirt to combine with tall boots or Texans.

Jackie promises to challenge your most conventional look!


Do you accept the challenge?

Parisi Black



Sophisticated like you love.
In that classic black that never compromises.
But in a fabric with a slight sheen for exemplary elegance.
And the jewelled buttons are there, of course!


Make your presence felt, on any occasion, with maximum charm!

Passion Coral



The same lightness. The same soft touch.
Passion is now Passion Coral.
In a more relaxed version. Where simplicity merges with sophistication.
A blouse where the coral tone buttons become the most exclusive embellishment of this piece.


It deserves direct entry to your wardrobe , doesn't it!




White will always be white, but in this blouse it gains new momentum.
Ideal to wear in mid-season!

It's all about details: the puffed sleeves, the mother-of-pearl jewelled buttons or the baroque
baroque-inspired collar.

It has to be yours!



Mirodi is definitely a statement set for this season going forward.

The unexpected volumes of the Midori Shirt's sleeves are revolutionary. Conquering.
And the frill finish is unavoidable.

The Midori pants, on the other hand, break out the streewear with a new burgeois style.
Raised waist and marked pins. They offer a different and more sophisticated

Above all, the Midori set is elegant and in an intense color that doesn't settle.

Just your taste, isn't it?!




Another essential Baguy!

Artic is the blouse that will transform your everyday life.


The details speak for themselves!




Inspiring. Versatile. Celestial.

A blouse designed for women looking in white for freedom of style!


Combine it as you please.



Inspired by the Seventies Groove art movement we recreated the Luna set.

The top is the perfect balance between a classic piece and the contemporary style you deserve!
The classic, high-waisted, slightly flared pants bring out the best in your silhouette.

An elegant set, characterized by minimalist lines.
In that color that never compromises.

Luna, it's worthy of you!


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