This collection is inspired by the good things in life.

In the little details that create wealth. 

In the little pleasures that transform our days.

This collection is inspired by you.

In your inner beauty.

We added an extra.

May 2020 be our year!


Fuchsia Ruby Dress

Electric and intense. This is the new color of the Ruby dress, in its Fuchsia version.

A kind of lilac with a touch of pink. So vibrant it makes it perfect for occasions when you want your look to be passionate.

Express all your power and sensuality! Fuchsia Ruby is your dress!

nude ruby

Ruby Nude Dress

The latest gem from your Baguy Shop. 

Say goodbye to the summer with a dress that allows you to enhance the natural charm of your dark, magical and seductive skin tone!

Nude pink, serene, mild and timeless.

The dress because you were waiting for a surprising rentrée!


Ruby Dress

A real gem.

That dress that makes you feel capable of anything! Beautiful and powerful!

The Ruby is an exclusive Baguy dress, which has those details of frills and back that you love so much, in a soft fabric like silk. Incomparable!

Make it yours!


Victoria Dress

Yes, here he is! The first dress from the exclusive collection co-created with you.

Tribute to the unique period we lived through. A memory to remember.

Victoria is an evasive midi dress with side pockets. Just like you asked.

Look at the sleeves with the detail of the frills. Amazing, don't you think? Structure with that incredible belt. And the back, it amazes you with the back. A unique, seductive touch that retains the functionality you like to wear with a bra.

Thank you for being part of this collective experience.

The Victoria dress will remain forever in our souvenir chest.


Bright Mint Dress

A dress with a lot of glitter and a contagious color.
That charismatic, super-modern dress that was missing from your wardrobe this season.

Perfect to bring a more fun, luxurious and magical touch to your look!

Will you be able to resist this rain of glitter?


Bright Lavender Dress

A dress with an unexpected colour and a daring glow!
romantic and delicate mind. At the same time remarkable and full of splendor.

The dress you'll want to try on even with a casual chic look!

Ready to give your look a little extra expressiveness?


Soul White Dress

One of the favorite dresses in this collection! The Soul design has won the hearts of the Baguy Lovers. And white is the color of harmony! Something we're once again reconquering in our lives.

We put the two together.

And we created Soul White!

Hard to resist, isn't it?


Spring Dress

A dress in which beauty and dream line up perfectly in a time that asks for serenity!

And the white adds the extra dose of charm and tranquility you seek for your days.



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