This Spring-Summer Collection is inspired by the good things in life.

In the small details that create wealth. 

In the small pleasures that transform our days.



This is a dress that stays true to the minimalist silhouette that has already won you over in other collections.

Adana is all about femininity. But with a twist. In the fuchsia color that embraces extravagance. In the incorporated fabric that gives volume to the ruffled ruffles and the brightness that the season demands.
We give you a party look, that you will also want to wear on other occasions.



Inspired by the delicacy and ingenuity of white, unconditioned and in its pure condition. And infected by the vibrant energies of the desert landscape surrounding the awakening city of Casablanca. We designed Ayr!
We combined the freedom of a dress, with the unexpected fluidity of layers in ruffles.
The white, make it your canvas.
Put it on!
It is the starting point and the ending point of your daily life.

Ikalis Lilac


An ode to the curves and lines of the body. This is Ikalis.
All of it resonates aesthetics with contemporaneity.
Short. With striking ruffles. With a bold opening in the back only superseded by jewel buttons, which reaffirm the unique identity of this piece.
A dress that arouses looks and passions.



There is a modern boho trend in the air. And we are not indifferent.
We have fused the savoir-faire of our seamstresses, in a piece of metallic fabric, to a design that reflects your free spirit.

Arden is earth. Arden is cunning. Arden is intentional.
A retro-inspired dress that is nostalgic while encouraging the brightness that the season calls for! No matter what you have on the agenda.
Take on this metallic trend, in a neo-bohemian twist that emphasizes glamour and elegance.
It's for you, who are a modern woman who celebrates life!



You have long waited for lurex, glitter and sequins to be allowed out on the streets before ten o'clock at night. And not just for festive evening celebrations.

You don't have to imagine anymore. Behold, your wishes have been fulfilled!

Steelan is light and fluid. It is bright and stylish. It is multicolored.
It brings the effervescence and vivacity of the roaring 20s, but with a contemporary touch that you won't be indifferent to.
It's time to take the spotlight on your day or night looks.

Ryo Lemon


Gone are the days when we had to wear tight pants. Streetwear style has broken the rule. Now it is important to dress stylishly and comfortably.
And at Ryo you will find just that! Fluid and urban design. The right combination between the practicality of a pair of pants and the revealing character of your personal expression. Your style. As unique as you are.



The bold touch of the cropped cut and the pleated collar contrasts with the more classy look of the long sleeves with cuffs.
In highlight, the different jewel buttons that contradict preconceived ideas that buttons have to be all the same.
This is probably the touch of sophistication that makes the Ashla your statement piece for this season!

Geel Fuchsia


Geel brings out the purest side of your closet.
An unadorned, surprisingly sober dress. With minimalist elegance and a reinterpretative cut of a utilitarian aesthetic.
A dress that refers to feminine beauty in its naturalness. And brings with it the comfort of what is never dated, and the style that will always be immaculate.



A Bridgerton-influenced blouse. With a romantic aesthetic that takes us back to the silhouettes and looks of the British Regency era, at the beginning of the 19th century.
From the exquisite texture to the exclusive floral pattern of the jacquard fabric.
Passing through the short fluted sleeves on the shoulder with a pleat at the end.
One is detail. Elegance. And reinvention.
Numa vibrates the regencycore trend.

Davos Royal


The Seventies Groove marked the 1970s, as they still continue to revisit the fashion world today.
And from that echo of unquestionable reverence we designed the Davos. A pair of high-waisted pants, for an always elegant silhouette. And slightly flared for an unmistakable style.
Can you feel the groove?



At any party, glamour is always valued. And there are always parties!
And in an unexpected twist we open doors to the theatrical touch, to give you a look loaded with charisma.
Because you deserve to dress more luxuriously and adorned than ever!
In a dress that is not just about impressiveness. It is also an intentional piece! Elevate your femininity. Make yourself powerful and inspirational.
This is your new motto: more is never too much!



It combines feminine elegance and lightness with a structured cut that is already familiar to you.
It is a dress that makes room for the most romantic femininity. With soft tones and details that portray the most innocent side of women.

Candy Orange


A reissue of the famous Glacier Shirt.
New colors, new jewel buttons. The same fluidity.
A light, loose, fresh blouse. Very feminine!
Perfect for urban outfits. And for you to get noticed, but always for the best reasons.

Edam Pink


Who says classic can't be vibrant and versatile?
With a high rise silhouette and waist grippers that encourage the freedom of expression of your silhouette. Edam pants also feature a contemporary cropped cut, which reveals only the ankle area and frees you to change your look according to the occasion.
It allows you multiple moods. It allows you to be you, whether at the office or at a party!



Goodbye winter, hello to colors and fun!
And, a boring closet is by no means your best option for the times ahead.
We challenge you to bring life into your looks. And to embrace the rebelliousness of boho style.

Bama jacket is an afro-inspired mix of shirt and jacket,
and that allows you exciting possibilities of conjugation.

Kendall Salmon


You asked for it! We made it happen.
Those balloon leg pants with a high waist, for a more casual style that favors any shape.
Easy to combine with sandals, as well as with ballerinas or sneakers.
It allows you to have a minimalist yet very modern silhouette. And surrender to the effortless cool trend!



As the season of flowers arrives, allow yourself to abuse color in your life.

This jacquard bomber is one of those unique pieces that, in your closet, makes elegance and exuberance explode.
Combine it freely with neutrals. Or, if you prefer, with even more color.
It is timeless. A casual trendy.
A season's signature.

Order yours now.

Jackie Camellia


The Jackie you already know, now in a new color camellia rose.

It is the long-awaited return to the codes of style.
Forget the uncertain current events. Give your life the right dose of positivity with this piece.
Buy it as it is or combine it with the Hamar blazer in the same color for the eternal play between feminine and masculine.

Buy yours now!



The wide blazer, with a classic cut. A season's must-have.
Coordinate it in a more unusual way. The season asks for it. Or embrace a more conservative style.
The trends validate either possibility.
Attitude, lots of attitude. And color, outpouring of color. A constant that remains from the cold season.

Get your Hamar now.



In the face of turnover in the fashion industry, there are pieces and colors that allow you to always be on fashion.
The Yara Top is one of them. Necessary to balance the safest choices.
The jeweled buttons on the back add an unexpected sense of fun.
And in black, that color that you know well, never compromises and goes perfectly with almost any other color.

When originality fails, you know Yara Top is the solution for a less predictable look.
It has to be in your closet!



We gave them a more contemporary touch. We kept the black.

This season the shorts are the protagonists.
To reveal without revealing too much. To give you an elegant silhouette. To wear on any occasion and combine with whatever you feel like!

Have they won your heart yet?



The contemporary dress inspired by Latin dances returns!
Created, especially, to awaken in you the dormant instincts of sensuality and movement of your feminine body.
A dress that evokes the sounds of salsa and merengue. And, all that energy we associate with Cuba!

It's time to command the revival of your looks!
The Havanna Pearl is one of the exciting possibilities we have for you this coming season.

Are you ready to try it?!



The season changes, the wills remain. And, this season, Blenny reinvents itself lighter. In a pearl tone that is both gradual and serene!
An extra dose of freshness that we decided to add to the best-selling blouse of the AW22 season. And that we think would make perfect sense for you as new acquisitions for your closet this season.


Do you agree?



If one is already TOP. Two, then? It becomes difficult to choose.

Celine Wine, has all its distinction in color.
The unique jewel buttons are there. And it is sophisticated and fluid.

This coming season we want you to be bolder.
With striking outfits!

Do you accept the challenge?!



In a more or less expected volte-face, in this SS23 season advance we bring you back Celine. Now in the trendy camel color.

A blouse loaded with charisma. Perfect for pairing with jeans or shorts. To create those casual mid-season looks that you value so much.

Will this be the new protagonist of your closet?



When it comes to trends, you know they come and go.
But when it comes to the color beige, it is always part of any mid-season collection.
It's a creamy tone. And, at the same time, youthful.
It's that in-between shade that easily matches the rest of the color palette of a woman's closet.

Often devoid of key pieces that complete a look, such as a long coat!

Have you got yours?



Elegant and casual. The perfect classic black dress for mid-season. The on-trend collar gives the Kira dress that gothic, luscious touch. And its flowing silhouette, a more relaxed style.

A dress that promises to challenge your more traditional look!


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