Premium Edition

In every fashion brand, there is always a premium edition.

We never had one. We were afraid to risk it!
Normally, premium pieces are more impetuous. They're synonymous with exuberance. Luxury. They defy conventions and taboos.

At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our authenticity. To the contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic of our creations.

We wanted you, Baguy Lover, to continue to feel powerful. Stylish. Modern.
Everything you experience when you wear one of our pieces!

But, also, we long for more for you.
A more artsy world. Where brashness prevails. The brilliance. The intensity with which you live the occasion.
That transcends the singular imagery of the everyday.

This is our gift to you!


You dare to accept it?

Essen Pink



Influenced by the regencycore aesthetic, we recreated one of the most sought-after dresses by our Baguy Lovers.
We favored the balloon sleeves.
The romanticized silhouette.
The fluid fabric with a slight shine.
The exquisite and serene light pink tone.
And the delicate accessories between jewel applications in the shape of flowers and feather notes.
So unique. So yours!

You know what we mean, don't you?



2023 has almost everything to be a special year.
What it lacks is the sparkle of the perfect outfit.
That's why we created EVELYN.
A dress with a strong identity for a night when sequins become your biggest inspiration.

Ready to dazzle?

Evelyn Green


In this 2023, we imagine you at parties that call for refinement and extra eccentricity.
Enter beautiful and slender, with everything you're entitled to: color, sensuality, glitter, glitter and sequins.
Lots of sequins!
Call us crazy!
We are women.


Will you accept anything less than (much!) brilliance for 2023?



The contemporary reinterpretation of the Bridgerton trend that your closet has been missing!

A floral pattern you won't be indifferent to. Embroidered, in volume and depth.
Midi and evasé cut that favors and stylizes your silhouette. Feminine. Elegant.
And the balloon sleeves reinvent themselves, without losing style.

Make Sharma your new charm!



Brightness and color! Lots of color!

We have been infected by the dopamine trend.
We want your days to be brighter. More colorful. More lively and fun.

We open the canvas to vibrant colors, without losing the essence of our designs.
Everything you love about Baguy pieces, now bolder. Full of personality.
We start with Bliss.


It's beautiful, isn't it?
So take a chance!




The pearl of the season! Literally.
In white. Perfect for the sunny days ahead.
In a light and comfortable fabric, so you feel free, fresh.

Pieces inspired by Japanese lines. Sober and elegant. Where the small details become highlights.

For use in combination or separately.


Embrace your beauty in its purest form!



We set a standard. And collection after collection, we keep raising it.

Gianna creates your own urban narrative.
A dress with a line that charms at first glance. You fall in love with the touch of the intriguing texture, at the second. And, at the third, the palette of serene tones makes you the protagonist in the eyes of those around you.

A dress designed to be worn by you!


This is your moment.



We will say very little about NURMI.
We'd rather you take a closer look at it and feel all the excitement it stirs up.
We wanted to surprise you a little more before the end of 2022.


What do you say, can we do it?




Japanese-inspired! Minimalist. Classy. Chic.
Pure white lifts your spirit. The perfect cut. Your body.
You are you. Beautiful. Natural.
All the glamour in one piece.


Kiyo dispenses dress codes!
And you?




One of this summer's strong trends.
Floral print. A metamorphosis of color, joy and freshness!
All in a beautiful dress. Enveloping. So feminine.
Your day asks for more flowers!
And Bloom is without a doubt perfect to make it even better!




If there is one dress that brings sensuality to your summer, this is it!

Short. Structured. Sexy.
Highlights your silhouette. Bring out the best in you!
At parties. At sunsets. Or a double date.


Are you ready to rock?!

Palma Orange



Set a new standard for your summer party looks.
Palma Orange lifts your silhouette.
It is color. Boldness. And glamour.


Become the protagonist you deserve to be!


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