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In Baguy promotions you will find the latest garments from previous collections or the latest sizes of selected garments from our current collections.

All with a special -20% discount! 

This campaign runs from 30 September to 15 December 2020.

Take advantage now to have that exclusive Baguy piece that was missing in your closet!

2020/12/15 18:42:31

Safari Dress

In this midi sleeve cava dress there's nothing missing.

From buttons to pockets, combined with the casual chic style that you like, Safari is the dress
ideal for a day when you're in a particularly good mood.

Find him now.

Julia Dress

The city gets lighter with Julia, the casual style dress that will make you irresistible.

The midi Julia is an evasive dress that shoots with a frill, at the same time, striking and discreet.

Choose it if you like to feel comfortable but elegant!

Spring Mint Dress

Free and uncompromising.

And like mint, this dress is a real cool breeze in your closet.

And this summer you ask for it! Just like you!



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