This collection is inspired by the good things in life.

In the little details that create wealth. 

In the little pleasures that transform our days.

This collection is inspired by you.

In your inner beauty.

We added an extra.

May 2021 be your year!

Kernel Royal


Feel fantastic. Feel daring.
In perfect harmony between your state of mind and your everyday life. The royal blue of the Kernel transmits serenity and strength.
In this dress you are unstoppable! 

Ready to brush up on your days of positivity?
Of course you are!

bali-red-ss21-baguy-mariana-machado dress

Bali Red


Bali is the must-have piece in your summer wardrobe.
It is a midi dress. Stylish. Light and practical.
Super comfortable to take to a sunset or to wear on a picnic with your partner.
Plus, you can wear it quickly without having to worry about how to put it on.
So versatile that it goes well with both mules and chunky trainers.

Are you ready to triumph?!


Bali Blue


Into the blue. This is the feeling that involves you when you wear this dress.
A deep blue of emotions!
The fascination for mystery. The inevitable desire to love. The ravishing tranquillity.

Bali Blue has in you the feminine beauty. Your natural beauty.


Let yourself be lulled by this tone!

Passion Coral


The same lightness. The same soft touch.
Passion is now Passion Coral.
In a more relaxed version. Where simplicity merges with sophistication.
A blouse where the coral tone buttons become the most exclusive embellishment of this piece.

It deserves to go straight into your wardrobe,
doesn't it?!


Fuxia Ruby


We believe that happy women are more beautiful women!
And a pink dress is capable of making your day super radiant.
Dare to express yourself. Break taboos and stereotypes. Vibrate with your Fuxia Ruby.

Vive "la vie en rose"!




What if we suddenly told you that the most praised dress ever is back!
In a super exclusive edition, the Seville returns.
The perfect fit, the soft fabric and the pearl detail on the back, so unique!

And to top it off, in your favorite colors. Red, Yellow, Green, Fuxia, White, Blue, Pink, Nude or Black!

Seize the opportunity and have your original Seville.

You deserve it!




An enveloping combination of freshness and sensuality.

This dress gently hugs your body like the subtlety of the soul.

Let your lightness rock you!

nude ruby

Nude Ruby


The latest gem from your Baguy Shop. 

Say goodbye to the summer with a dress that allows you to enhance the natural charm of your dark, magical and seductive skin tone!

Nude pink, serene, mild and timeless.

The dress because you were waiting for a surprising rentrée!




A real gem.

That dress that makes you feel capable of anything! Beautiful and powerful!

The Ruby is an exclusive Baguy dress, which has those details of frills and back that you love so much, in a soft fabric like silk. Incomparable!

Make it yours!


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