Baguy Signature

Your favourites, now always available!

This year, it will never be too late to have one, some or, who knows, even all, the most iconic pieces ever by Baguy!
More than an ode to the brand's best sellers. The Baguy Signature collection compiles memories, unique details, and perfect cuts. 

An unexpected edition? Yes. But one that, for you, we know makes perfect sense!

Excited? So are we!



The city gets lighter with Julia!
The casual style dress that will make you irresistible.
It is midi, and evasé cut. It is finished off with an asymmetrical frill. A unique design that makes it both striking and discreet.
If you like to feel comfortable yet elegant, this dress is for you!



Nothing is missing in this cava-sleeved midi dress!
From the buttons to the pockets, combined with the casual chic style you like.
Safari is back, in a limited edition.
The ideal dress for you to walk around loose and fun in the sunniest summer days.
Discover it now!



In spring a boho chic look always looks good, don't you agree?
Sienna is refreshing!
In salmon color. In crepe fabric. In tigress pattern. In the evasé cut.
A dress that makes you want to twirl till you drop!

The breath of color that was missing in your closet!

Grab it now!




That dress that makes perfect sense!
The model you love. Light. Loose. Fresh.
In this season's must-have colors. With a subtle and unexpected zebra pattern.
The elegance that marks by its delicacy!

Perfect for spring days and summer nights.

Now you decide! One or both?




A blouse to keep an eye on, and certainly in your closet too!
A unique piece where design, fabric and decorative details merge in perfect
perfect harmony.

What makes them so special?
The particularity of the feather frill in the same tone.
That touch of elegance that makes perfect sense!

Riga was designed for you!

Folie Mint



Come the flowing textures and nude tones, that spring is waiting for you!
And as the icing on the cake, all in one-piece wonder!
We take risks. We reinterpret.
And we brought to this collection one of the most consistent and liberating trends in
of style: the jumpsuit!
The Folie has more couture details and a more noble fabric, designed for you who
you value elegance and functionality.

Can you resist?!




In this 2023, we imagine you at parties that involve Art Deco settings with a flapper look.
Enter beautiful and slender, with everything you're entitled to: color, sensuality, glitter, glitter and sequins.

Call us crazy!

We are women.




A line to remember the good moments in life!
Color. Strength. Creativity.
It is everything that connects you to life. To joy. To energy. To irreverence.
It fills you up. It makes you more optimistic. Happier!

Ready to give your life a new lease of life?!




It is impossible to remain indifferent to this dress!
The sevillian cut. Elegant. Seductive.
The lightness of the crepe fabric. With the super trendy frill finish.
And, of course, that pearl detail on the back neckline!
In the colors that mark this season's looks.
Seville, exclusively for you! Because you asked for it.

Can your heart stand it?




Yes, the Victory is back!
The first dress of 2020 co-created with you in the middle of the pandemic.
In a tribute to the unique period we all experienced.
A memory to remember our feminine resilience! And you were always there, with us!
The Victory is an evasé midi dress, with side pockets. Just like you asked for.
Notice the sleeves with the frill detail. Surprising, don't you think?
An incredible belt.
And the back? Marvel at the back!
An exclusive and seductive touch that maintains the functionality you appreciate for wearing with a bra.
To you, who were part of this collective experience at the time, thank you!
The Victoria dress will remain, forever, in our treasure chest of memories.

Have you got yours?


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