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Your favourites, now always available!

This year, it will never be too late to have one, some or, who knows, even all, the most iconic pieces ever by Baguy!
More than an ode to the brand's best sellers. The Baguy Signature collection compiles memories, unique details, and perfect cuts. 

An unexpected edition? Yes. But one that, for you, we know makes perfect sense!

Excited? So are we!



There's nothing missing from this raglan-sleeved midi dress!
From buttons to pockets, combined with the casual chic style you love.
Safari returns, in a limited edition.
The ideal dress to walk around loose and fun in the sunniest summer days.
Discover it now!



The city gets lighter with Julia!
The casual style dress that will make you irresistible.
It is midi, and evasé cut. It is finished off with an asymmetrical frill. A unique design that makes it both striking and discreet.
If you like to feel comfortable yet elegant, this dress is for you!




Yes, the Victory is back!
The first dress of 2020 co-created with you in the middle of the pandemic.
In a tribute to the unique period we all experienced.
A memory to remember our feminine resilience! And you were always there, with us!
The Victory is an evasé midi dress, with side pockets. Just like you asked for.
Notice the sleeves with the frill detail. Surprising, don't you think?
An incredible belt.
And the back? Marvel at the back!
An exclusive and seductive touch that maintains the functionality you appreciate for wearing with a bra.
To you, who were part of this collective experience at the time, thank you!
The Victoria dress will remain, forever, in our treasure chest of memories.

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