AW22 by Baguy Collection

The new AW22 collection is genuine, refreshed and charismatic. But it remains true to our conception of feminine beauty and good taste.

Perfect dresses. Unique blouses. Distinctive pants. Sublime and comfortable jackets. Luxurious details that reflect your good taste.
Pieces that stand out for the natural trend from nude to earthy tones, without losing sight of the livelier and warmer ones, but always with that magnetism of Baguy's artsy universe.

Define your uniqueness. Overcome your everyday life with all the vivacity.

This collection is revitalizing!

Moana Rust


There is a personality that is both bold and delicate in this MOANA RUST.

The puffed sleeves continue to be one of our favorites, for their slim and distinctive silhouette.

Now, in rust! We won't call it the color of fashion, but you can't be indifferent to it.


And you, are you staying out of the trend?

Anna Sand


Your usual ANNA, but now in the rough SAND you've always wanted.

This dress is sovereign among Baguy Lovers.
It is enchanting because each time we wear it we manage to notice one more detail.
One more nuance. Do you feel that way too?

Is it already part of your Annas collection?

Midori Beige


Warning for stunning beauty.

The Midori set now in the nude you can never do without: light beige.
It is thus a kind of everyday chic.
Perfect for a day when you wake up needing extra inspiration.


Live your day more!

Midori Rust


The same subtlety, a new color. Brick color.
Wear it to highlight that uniqueness so yours.
The pants that balance elegance with comfort for the new autumn-winter season.


These are the pants of the moment. Make them yours!

Moana Green


Dark green tones return in force.

These are the shades of freedom, of uncensored expression, of maintaining hope! Why should we think of anything negative before it happens? Let there be hope! Let there be freedom of thought! Let there be freedom of choice!

And you can choose what you want to wear! You can decide what to wear in your closet! You make your own fashion!
We just give you exclusive options.
Moana Green is another one of those pieces!


 Express yourself through what you wear!

Moana Purple


Baroque-inspired, it is romantic in details.
The remarkable balloon-shaped sleeve and lapel collar are back in force this season!
The ruffle trim makes this dress so feminine.
And the jeweled buttons give it that extra grace you so appreciate in Baguy pieces.


It's really charismatic, isn't it!


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